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Aspirational Awards - they're back!

The Aspirational Awards scheme is a young people-led individual grants fund aiming to empower care experienced young people aged 21-26 to think big about their future and transform their lives with a significant grant to help them reach their best potential.  This is our second round of funding for these awards.

What are Aspirational Awards?

Aspirational Awards are for care experienced young people aged 21-26.  Is this you? (Or someone you know?) Then read on…..

What do YOU aspire to?

This is an exciting opportunity for us, through these awards, to support you to think big about your future and allow you to apply for funding which will support personal development, helping you to achieve your potential and reach as high as possible in life.

What do we mean by ‘aspirational’?

We understand that everyone’s aspirations are different. However, we believe that an aspirational idea must be based on these principles:

  • An ambition or dream which will create a long-term impact on your life
  • Something which will help you achieve a long-term goal

This could be something that you have been working towards over a long period of time (and would have proof of doing so).

Who can apply?        

This funding is open to young people aged 21-26 with at least three months of care experience.

Am I care experienced?     

What we mean by care experienced is someone with experience in any of the following types of care:

  • Looked after at home (e.g. supervision order)
  • Foster care
  • Residential care 
  • Secure care
  • Kinship care - this means that social work has made arrangements for you to live with a relative or guardian.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us. 

What will the Trust fund?

The Aspirational Awards funding is flexible and is designed to meet the specific needs of individual people. Applications will be assessed on their own merit but below is some guidance as to what we are looking for.

We will fund applications which…

  • Are likely to have a long-term, positive impact on your life
  • Will support you to achieve your aspirations in life
  • Will be something which you have already made steps towards achieving

What we won’t fund

  • Anything which is unlikely to have a long-term impact on your life (short-break holidays, basic living costs)
  • Anything which should be provided by a statutory body - that is, funding which Local Authorities have a duty to provide (crisis loans, basic university bursaries)
  • Body alterations (tattoos, cosmetic surgery etc.)
  • Repayment of debt

So what did you fund in the first round of Aspirational Awards?

In our first round of Aspirational Awards back in November, we agreed to fund 13 applications in total, including:

  • start-up business
  • help with vocational courses such as art & design materials or cookery classes
  • volunteering abroad
  • specialized qualifications such as mechanics and tree surgeons

Our key aim with this initiative, though, is to help care experienced young people to achieve their goals, so we want to hear from you whatever your aspirations are in life.

What made for a good application?

A good application showed us:

  • That the individual had carefully thought about their future and were clear in their own mind about what they wanted to achieve
  • Determination by evidencing the steps already taken to achieve the aspiration, prior to applying for an Aspirational Award
  • A passion for the aspiration itself and sense of why it is important to that individual

Is there anything to avoid in my application?

  • Not being clear on what your ultimate aspiration is
  • Not indicating why  it is aspirational to you
  • Not answer each question or providing enough detail

How can I apply?

Applications are open from the 3rd April until 14th May 2017. We would encourage you to get in touch with us first of all to discuss your application, by emailing us at or call us on 0141 212 9611. 

  • You can apply electronically here.  
  • Please also contact us if you would prefer to submit your application by email, in writing or by video link.

Any questions?

You may have queries about what we will fund, what the application process involves or whether or not you qualify to apply.  Here are some handy Q&A's we made earlier.....

Download our FAQ's here

Or watch our handy wee video.......