The Life Changes Trust

The Life Changes Trust was set up in April 2013 with a ten year £50 million endowment from the Big Lottery Fund (now The National Lottery Community Fund).  

The Trust was established to manage this endowment and invest in initiatives which shared our mission to transform the lives of people affected by dementia and care experienced young people across Scotland.

The Trust – A Short History

In 2011, the Big Lottery Fund commissioned four organisations to develop plans for the Trust and to help establish the Trust as a legal entity. These organisations are referred to as our ‘Founding Partners’. They were the Health and Social Care Alliance, Foundation Scotland, Who Cares? Scotland and the Glasgow Council for Voluntary Service.  

The Founding Partners formed an interim Board, with an independent chair appointed by the Big Lottery Fund, to manage the development phase.

They then undertook a review of relevant information alongside consultation with our beneficiaries and stakeholders. This enabled them to develop an initial three year business plan. The Big Lottery Fund approved this plan and, in February 2013, the Trust was formally established as a charity. 

The interim Board recruited the Trust’s new Trustees and CEO. Trustees started in post in March 2013 and the CEO in June 2013. 

The Trustees and staff are very grateful for the work undertaken by the Big Lottery Fund and the Founding Partners in establishing the Trust. This work has provided the means and foundation for us to make a significant difference to the lives of our beneficiaries in the years ahead. 

We have also now published a long term Business Strategy for the Trust until 2023.