Our approach

Everything we do at the Trust is underpinned by our commitment to improving the lives of care experienced young people and people affected by dementia.  

We will do this by: 

  • Investing in people and projects that share our mission.  
  • Supporting our beneficiaries directly and by funding organisations which provide support to them.  
  • Providing funding to build on established ways of working, but also to find new and innovative approaches. 
  • Sharing our learning with others to influence improvements to policy and practice.
  • Supporting evaluation of all our funded activities. 
  • Promoting positive public attitudes and challenging stigma around dementia and young people who have been in care.

Our approach also encompasses three frameworks: 

  • Knowledge Into Action
  • Person-Centred and Whole Life
  • Transformation at Every Level

Knowledge into Action

Knowledge into Action is a cycle whereby we learn from what we have already funded and use this knowledge to inform future investments.  

It also takes into account the needs, view and priorities of our beneficiaries, and uses this knowledge to inform our funding decisions. We will ensure that the views and needs of our beneficiary groups are at the heart of everything we do and fund.

We will also work with and involve a wide range of stakeholders and use their expertise and learning to maximise our reach and effectiveness.

Knowledge into Action


Person-Centred and Whole Life

A “person-centred” and ‘whole life’ approach understands the links between all aspects of life and well-being – that means, improvements in one key aspect of life (such as employment, health or accommodation) can enable significant improvements in people’s overall quality of life. 

Transformation at Every Level

To achieve improvements in the quality of life and well-being of care experienced young people and people affected by dementia, change needs to happen at several levels, which are all linked to each other.

Performance Management and Evaluation

We want to be an organisation where learning and continuous improvement are the norm.  This means that we can work more efficiently and effectively, in turn achieving greater benefit for care experienced young people and people affected by dementia. 

To do this, we will ensure that we undertake effective performance management and evaluation of all of our work and our funding. We will do this by using an accredited improvement framework called the Public Service Improvement Framework (PSIF).  

We will gather information to monitor, review and improve our activities and also to help guide future funding decisions, and report on our progress, performance and impact.    

We will also make sure that there is evaluation of all the initiatives we fund. To help our fundees do this, we will provide them with an Evaluation Framework, toolkit and guidance. 

We will also publish evaluation reports on each of our funding initiatives, to share learning and to support activities to improve policy and practice.

More information about our approach can be found in our Corporate Strategy, which is part of our Business Strategy, which you can find on our publications page, and download here.