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Dementia Programme: Legacy Event

On Thursday 24th February, we hosted our very last dementia webinar ‘From Small Acorns…’ During this webinar, we shared learning, celebrated the impact and legacy of the Life Changes Trust's Dementia Programme, and looked to the future.

Over the years, the Trust has built solid foundations to support people living with dementia and unpaid carers to become advocates and activists, to have their voices heard, and to play a primary role in changing policy and practice for the better. The purpose of this webinar was to hear from people living with dementia, unpaid carers and projects supporting them about their journey with the Trust, and look at their plans for the future.





Co-chaired by long-time friends of the Trust, Myra Lamont and Kainde Manji, the webinar started with an overview of the Trust’s legacy. Director of Evidence and Influencing Arlene Crockett shared the Trust’s aspirations and spoke about National Legacy Partners 'About Dementia', 'BOLD' and 'Age Scotland'. She also announced live the Trust’s local legacy partners and spoke of our wider legacy - “Most important is that we never forget people with lived experience are front and centre. Seeing their contribution as people and not as passive recipients of support.”

This was followed by a closer look at the work of BOLD (Bringing Out Leaders in Dementia), one of our National Legacy Partners, who provide free leadership opportunities and workshops across Scotland to help those living with dementia flourish and make the most of their potential. We first heard from Professor Brendan McCormack, BOLD’s Project Co-Director, who introduced a short podcast featuring Lill and Allan, who took part in one of the BOLD residential workshops. BOLD partners Nancy McAdam and Martha Middlemiss then shared their beautiful creative work: a poem Nancy wrote in a workshop as a part of her BOLD leadership development work and put to music by Martha.

Next, Colm McBriarty from the Life Changes Trust caught up with three of our funded projects – Kirrie Connections, Dementia Friendly Dunblane and the STAND Group – who spoke about how they got involved with the Trust, reflected on their own journeys and aspirations, and looked at how perspectives and practices have changed around dementia.

We then took a deeper dive into the work of another National Legacy Partner: About Dementia. They work with people with dementia and unpaid carers across Scotland, via a number a policy sub-groups, to see their priorities recognised and their rights upheld. Co-chair Kainde was joined by her colleague Maxine Meighan and also by June Anderson, an unpaid carer of her husband who has dementia, and who was part of the human rights sub-group, to discuss their work and their plans for taking forward some of the learning of the Trust.

The event also featured a Q&A sessionchaired by Arlene Crockett. The panel included:

  • Lynsey Neilson (Glasgow’s Golden Generation)
  • Michael Cheung (dementia activist, person living with dementia)
  • Carol Beckwith (Acorn Shed Music)
  • Chris Wilkins (Sporting Memories Network)
  • Kainde Manji and Myra Lamont 

A Life Changes Trust webinar is not complete without an emotional film or two! In ‘The Original Gangster’, the Trust's Andrena Faulkner spoke with the one and only James McKillop, who has walked alongside the Trust pretty much since the beginning, and who we consider to be one of our original partners. They reflected on his journey with the Trust, his many collaborations with us, and how he thinks things have improved for people living with dementia over the years.

The last film ‘Aye Fond Farewell’ looked back at some of the incredible individuals and projects who have walked alongside the Trust over the last nine years. These include dementia friendly communities, dementia activists, peer-to-peer resources and the Trust’s regional events programme, which put the priorities of people living with dementia and unpaid carers front and centre.

Arlene and Kainde left us with the following words: “How lucky we are… to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” (A.A. Milne)

You can watch a recording of our full webinar, or you can just watch some of the presentations, below, whatever works for you.  The Q&A can be found at timecode 1:56.

You can watch the whole webinar, below

You can watch Arlene Crockett's presentation, below

You can watch BOLD's presentation, below

You can watch our funded partners film with Colm McBriarty, below

You can watch Maxine Deighan and June Anderson, below

You can watch the Original Gangster film with James McKillop, below

You can watch our final film, Aye Fond Farewell, below

And this short film features the last five minutes of the webinar, where Arlene Crockett, Director of the Dementia Programme, shares her final thoughts and favourite memories. It was quite emotional!

The Life Changes Trust would like to thank Kainde Manji, Myra Lamont, Professor Brendan McCormack, Lill and Allan, Nancy McAdam, Martha Middlemiss, Colm McBriarty, Graham Galloway, Gerry King, Breda Seaman, Ruth McCabe, Andrena Faulkner, James McKillop, Chris Wilkins, Lynsey Neilson, Carol Beckwith, Michael Cheung, and the many, many projects and individuals who have helped to change lives across Scotland for people living with dementia and unpaid carers.  We salute you all. And a very special thank you to HCVF, who have made our online events possible and out of this world!