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Dementia: a whole life approach – A resource for creating better lives


The Trust has invested across 5 key areas, which we identified in collaboration with people with dementia and unpaid carers. As our funded work is independently evaluated, a clearer understanding is emerging of what can improve and support the lives of people with dementia and unpaid carers.

This online boxset (available in print in due course) outlines much of the work that the Trust has funded and draws together our first tranche of learning from 2015 until 2019. 

All of our work, and the work of those we fund, takes a grass roots, citizenship and rights led approach to dementia, which is reflected throughout this boxset.

The purpose of this boxset is not only to share information and learning from work funded by the Life Changes Trust, but also from other organisations in the field of dementia.

‘Dementia: a whole life approach’, is one part of a wider programme of work that will continue for a number of years, and it will be a big part of the Trust’s legacy.

‘Dementia: a whole life approach’ has 5 volumes. The volumes are as follows (just click on the image to download the report):

This provides people with a wide range of information and resources that support people with dementia and unpaid carers of people with dementia. The reader can move in and out of the boxset as appropriate to their needs and follow up with project and programme leads using the contacts/website details provided.

What did we do and how?

The gathering of information for ‘Dementia: a whole life approach’ began in August 2018. All Trust funded projects past and present were contacted, which at that time accounted for over 100 contacts. We wanted to know about the project, the benefits for people with dementia and/or unpaid carers and any training that was offered.

A number of dementia stakeholders were also contacted to ask for their contribution e.g. universities, colleges, non-trust funded community projects and national improvement programmes. It was important to have a wide and diverse group of contributors given that people with dementia and unpaid carers access support individual to them and the communities that they live in.

The experience of The Resource for the reader

Each volume gives the reader the opportunity to immerse themselves in the topic. This might be an opportunity for them to compare it to their own work, learn something new or be reassured that there is support out there for them to access.

Each contributor offers contact details, social media and web links for further information. ‘Dementia: a whole life approach’ talks personally to people and empowers them in how they choose to access the support and information it offers.

Moving forward

Many of our funded projects have evolved and offered much more than they originally planned, adding to the richness of the information provided to the reader. The Trust's dementia programme has funded new projects, the learning from which is still emerging, again demonstrating the changing nature of dementia and what is needed to give people choice in how they are supported. The policy world has also developed with a new National Dementia Strategy consultation set to launch - stalled now due to the arrival of Covid-19 - and a number of local IJBs embarking on their own local dementia strategies.

Over the next few years we will produce further evidence-based resources online. After the closure of the Trust, this learning will be hosted online by another organisation so that it can be built upon. ‘Dementia: a whole life approach’ has much more it can offer people with dementia, unpaid carers and the groups and organisations who support them.

The launch of ‘Dementia: a whole life approach’ is timely as we look towards a new future in our communities. This also provides the Trust with an opportunity to inform the development of the National strategy from the point of view of the people it serves to support.

The shift from a top down approach to strategy to one where we recognise and value the contribution of our people and our communities is a key part of transformational change. ‘Dementia: a whole life approach – a resource for creating better lives’ is a catalyst for this change to happen.