£3 million Dementia Friendly Community Initiatives

We understand the importance of dementia friendly communities and will invest a significant amount of money in these so that a considerable range is developed and networked. In partnership, the Trust will provide an infrastructure for a dementia friendly community of practice in Scotland, assisting with evaluation, sharing of learning, further development of successful projects and mentoring of new projects.

Dementia Friendly Communities investment will support progress in many of our other investment areas. 

Between 2015–2018, we will invest approximately £3 million in establishing and supporting a wide variety of Dementia Friendly Community initiatives across Scotland.

Dementia Friendly Communities are places where people with dementia and their carers are included, empowered and supported. Communities can be large or small; they can be local, geographical communities or communities of interest.

Dementia Friendly Communities include, empower and support people affected by dementia and their carers in every aspect of life, from accessing services to using public transport. 

They also help empower those whose lives are affected by dementia so that they can remain integrated in society, live as independently as possible and participate actively in decisions that affect their day-to-day lives. 

After an open call for applications for dementia friendly community initiatives, we were able to fund a number of strong and diverse projects: