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Get Outdoors - Evidence and Learning

Outside the Box were appointed in July 2019 to carry out an independent evaluation of the Life Changes Trust funded Get Outdoors projects.

All six projects encourage people living with dementia to have opportunities, and to enjoy the benefits of spending time outside. The aim of the evaluation is to assess and explain to what extent:

  • outdoor activities are creating better lives for people living with dementia and for their unpaid carers
  • what has not worked and why
  • any barriers and challenges the projects have faced
  • the projects can provide short, medium and long-term post-diagnostic support for people with dementia
  • partnership working and any significant benefits this partnership working brings
  • the likelihood that these initiatives will be sustained in the long term
  • contributions to deeper learning about the benefits of getting outdoors for people with dementia and how this learning can be shared more widely

Read more about how Outside the Box met with those benefitting from these projects in their blog.

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Older people on bicycles

Read the interim evaluation report here:

Get Outdoors evaluation report cover 

A final Evaluation Report will be published in September 2020.