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Dementia Activism Week - Day 2!

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Today, 15th September, is the second day of Dementia Activism Week. All week we will be sharing some of the fantastic work that has been done in Scotland already by people living with dementia to inform and influence, and to take the lead in what matters to them - remember activism can take many forms, small or large! We want to encourage as many people to get alongside and support Dementia Activism Weekincluding people with dementia, unpaid carers, supporters and stakeholders.

Today, we are talking about encouraging new or aspiring activists to get involved. We held a webinar entitled  'From Acorns to Oak Trees – Passing on the Baton of Dementia Activism', where four people who are living with dementia shared with each other (and the audience) what they have learned from being effective activists. 

They then took questions from participants about how others can carry on the good work they have already done - and how they go about 'passing on the baton'.  Their contribution was outstanding - we can all learn from them.  You can watch a recording of the webinar here. 

You can watch a recording of the webinar here.

NOTE: the first 8 minutes of this film has only Gerry, the question master, on screen due to a small gremlin, but after that, you can see all the speakers.

We also previously published a book called  'Loud and Clear - exploring two decades of involvement, voice and activism by people with dementia in Scotland', written by Philly Hare.

It charts a 20-year history and tells the story of how people with dementia in Scotland confronted the status quo. The story is told largely through the eyes of dementia activists themselves, and reflects their successes and struggles to achieve ground-breaking change. 

It’s a fantastic testament to the work that has gone before, an inspiration for others to follow in their footsteps, and it’s also a great read.

You can download the ‘Loud and Clear’ book here 

There is also a ‘Loud and Clear’ short publication containing ‘Practical Tips’ for newer and future dementia activists, their advocates and allies.  

You can download it here