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Dementia activists to help GPs with new resource

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A group of people living with dementia in Scotland has been awarded a grant of £5,000 to create a resource to help GPs better support those living with dementia in their community.  The funding has been awarded by the Life Changes Trust.

The Scottish Dementia Alumni are a group of individuals living with a diagnosis of dementia, and who are already experienced campaigners fighting for the rights of people with dementia.

They have identified, together with many others living with dementia, that while GP services can be incredibly supportive to individuals with dementia, there are also many areas which could be improved through better communication or with some clear feedback. 

The group will use the funding to research the lived experience of people with dementia, and produce a resource that highlights areas for improvement and communicates with GPs what services work well for them. 

This project is important because GP services for people living with dementia vary by region and by GP practice, and the group members have each experienced varying levels of support. 

The project aims to research and present evidence for providing quality standards of support for people living with dementia through their GP practice. The Alumni will produce a booklet and video to help GPs with issues such as general communication, the information around DNAR forms, booking systems for appointments and online video appointments and consultations. 

Martin Robertson, the newest member of the group said: ‘I am glad that the Life Changes Trust Grant is showing the continuing importance of the Dementia Alumni and of people with dementia speaking out for themselves.’

Paula Brown (Facilitator, Scottish Dementia Alumni) said: ‘I am thrilled that Life Changes Trust has offered this grant to the Scottish Dementia Alumni to produce a new peer to peer resource around GP services. People living with dementia can and do undertake their own research and produce important peer to peer publications. The support of Life Changes Trust in this work is empowering.’

The Scottish Dementia Alumni is part of the DEEP (Dementia Enablement and Empowerment Project) group in Scotland. They have already produced helpful resources in the past, funded by the Life Changes Trust, badged as ‘peer-to-peer’ resources. 

This ‘peer-to-peer’ funding enables people with dementia or carers to produce their own resources that will help others understand dementia better, and allow people with dementia and those who care for them to equip and encourage each other.  Resources that have already been produced include booklets, DVDs and short films. This funding is still available on the Life Changes Trust website

The Scottish Dementia Alumni comprises:

  • Agnes Houston MBE 
  • Nancy McAdam BEM
  • Dr James McKillop MBE
  • Martin Robertson


For further information and for press enquiries contact:
Deborah Cowan, Director of Communications and PR: 07710 542535


Our work with people with dementia has shown that the phrase “Dementia sufferers”, or using the word suffering to describe dementia has a strongly negative view from people with the condition.  We would request that you avoid using the phrase in headlines or in any article you publish to combat the negative way that people with dementia feel the condition is described.