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European foundation launches report on importance of community in challenging dementia

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Dementia is one of the biggest challenges currently facing Europe, with more than 7 million people living with the condition.  This number will grow to 15 million by 2050.  

With no current cure, looking at other means of supporting people with dementia has been crucial, and the role of communities has been emerging as increasingly important for people living with the condition.   In response to this, the European Foundations’ Initiative on Dementia (EFID) are launching a brand new research report - ‘Mapping Dementia Friendly Communities across Europe’.  

Using case studies to illustrate the role that communities can play in helping people live better with dementia, the report will highlight how dementia friendly communities allow people living with dementia to live well in the place they call home.  They also empower and enable people affected by dementia to take part in society as active citizens and have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. 

The report will be launched next week at an event in the ‘dementia friendly’ city of Bruges, hosted by EFID, and will showcase dementia friendly initiatives across Europe and the significant impact they are already having.  

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