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NEWS: Citizens Theatre puts care experienced young people centre stage

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The Citizens Theatre has been awarded £110,000 from Scottish charity the Life Changes Trust to support care experienced young people to get more creative. They will use the funding to provide young people with the opportunity to learn all aspects of professional theatre-making in a positive and empowering creative space.  They will also be supported to develop their talents and ideas, so that they can tell the stories which are important to them.

The Citizens Theatre applied for funding from the Life Changes Trust with the aim of creating a unique Theatre Company for the many diverse voices of care experienced young people, enabling them to be heard, listened to and celebrated.

The project will encourage care experienced young people’s aspirations and ambitions, as well as increase their access to employment, education and training opportunities within the creative arts and related fields.

Citizens Theatre’s Associate Director (Citizens Learning) Guy Hollands said, “The Citizens Theatre has a long-established reputation for pioneering outreach work and for building strong links with the diverse communities here in Glasgow. So we’re very pleased to have the support of the Life Changes Trust in order that we can provide much needed opportunities for care experienced young people to engage with the performing arts and to access the benefits that they can deliver. Care experienced people have important stories to tell and this initiative will nurture their ability to give creative expression to their thoughts and feelings.”

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