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NEWS: Dementia friendly funding boost for Banchory

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The Forget Me Not Club in Banchory is to benefit from a funding boost of £35,000 from the Life Changes Trust to develop and strengthen their dementia friendly activities.

The Club currently runs a dementia Resource Centre providing support, advice and activities for people living with dementia, in a safe and inclusive space.  Additional support and assistance is also provided for families and carers when needed.

This new funding will be used to increase the number of people they can support in the area, as well as the number and variety of services and activities they can provide. 

The range of activities that will be offered by staff and volunteers will mean that people with dementia can do things that are meaningful to them, where their views and opinions about how they spend their time are listened to and respected.  They will have the opportunity to learn new skills as well as take part in activities they may have enjoyed in the past.

The Forget Me Not Club will also use their resources to act as a catalyst for Banchory as a whole to become dementia friendly, offering dementia-related training to local businesses and service providers such as local shops, hotels, the Police and Fire Services.

Heather Morrison from the Forget Me Not Club said, “We are now dealing with a marked increase in younger clients within our Resource Centre, and this has led us to setting up a new strand called Active Forget Me Not.  This operates at a local Outdoor Sports Centre, Knockburn Loch, where activities such as dementia friendly cycling, walking football, walking and kite flying make up a program more suited to those still physically fit.  The owner of Knockburn, Bert Macintosh and his staff have given the charity outstanding support by providing cost effective usage of the facilities on Monday and Tuesday every week. This new initiative is enabling Forget Me Not to offer support to a wider range of clients, and we are also moving forward in our plans to offer training and support to businesses and services in the Banchory area to enhance awareness and understanding of Dementia.”

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