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NEWS: Dementia friendly funding for Fife Ecology Centre

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A project which supports people living with dementia and their families in Fife will benefit from a £15,000 funding boost from the Life Changes Trust. 

The funding will be used by The Ecology Centre in Kinghorn to develop their ‘Wide Open Doors’ project which helps people affected by dementia to become more active and connect with nature.  By taking part in a variety of activities, working together and spending time working outdoors, participants will benefit from improved health, wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem.

One feature of the project will build on the success of the existing dementia friendly Tool Shed sessions, broadening their activities so that participants - who call themselves Shedders - can do more work outdoors. 

Over the last year, the Shedders have been increasingly interested in building items for use around the site, going for walks and visiting the polytunnel to see how the crops are developing.

Incorporating the Tool Shed as part of the Wide Open Doors project enables participants to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors while also having the security of an indoor space as a base. 

Walks around the site have also now been incorporated into each session where possible, as people have reported feeling better for being outdoors and also have an improved appetite for lunch served after the Tool Shed session, as well as increased levels of fitness. "It keeps me moving" is what Shedders often say.

Jo Hobbett from The Ecology Centre said: The "Building on the success of the Tool Shed Thursdays are now dementia friendly days at Kinghorn Loch and we are hoping  that more people will come and join us for a couple of hours every Thursday. There is always plenty of work to be done at The Ecology Centre so we'd love to hear from anyone who has been recently diagnosed and would like to come and join our team of volunteers. We particularly welcome those with green fingers or traditional home cooks who can help us make jams, chutneys and homemade soups, or anyone who simply wants to do something a bit different and enjoy some fresh air, a cup of tea and a blether."

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