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NEWS: Investment in well-being of Highland’s care experienced young people

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Care experienced young people in the Highlands and Northern Isles will be given opportunities to become more creative thanks to a Life Changes Trust funding award of £130,000.  

The funding has been awarded to Moniack Mhor, a creative writing centre in Inverness, who want to work with care experienced young people in the Highlands and the Northern Isles – as well as wider areas of Scotland - to enhance and widen their creative writing opportunities.

 The aim of the project is to increase the confidence of care experienced young people, develop their creativity and support them to find their voice and tell their own story, something they may not previously have had the opportunity or confidence to do.  Care experienced young people can also connect with one another and the wider Highland community, strengthening their collective voice and empowering them to make active choices about their future.

Rachel Humphries, Centre Director for Moniack Mhor said, “We are extremely grateful for the support of the Life Changes Trust which will allow us to run a wide programme of creative writing activity for care experienced young people in the Highlands and throughout Scotland.

“We are excited about strengthening links to provide the highest quality experience for those that we engage with and we believe this project will build confidence and empower the young people that we work with by developing their skills in creative writing. By offering them the chance to find their voice through the artform, through exposure to a nurturing setting and by providing the opportunity to meet and learn with other young people, we hope that we can enhance future life choices. We are thrilled that we’ve been provided this much needed opportunity and are very much looking forward to working with young people across Scotland to strengthen and develop their creative voices.”

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