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NEWS: launch of landmark dementia boxset ‘Dementia: a whole life approach – A resource for creating better lives’.

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The Life Changes Trust has launched a landmark box set entitled ‘Dementia: A Whole Life Approach – A resource for creating better lives.’

This online boxset outlines much of the work that has been funded by the Trust and draws together our first tranche of learning from 2015 until 2019. The purpose of this boxset is not only to share information and learning from work funded by the Life Changes Trust, but also from other organisations in the field of dementia.

All of our work, and the work of those we fund, takes a grass roots, citizenship and rights led approach to dementia, which is reflected throughout this boxset.

‘Dementia: a whole life approach’ has 5 volumes:
1.    Human rights and dementia  
2.    Community and dementia  
3.    Independence, confidence and support 
4.    Peer support 
5.    Information, Awareness, Training and Education 
Dementia: A Whole Life Approach provides people with a wide range of information and resources that support people with dementia and unpaid carers of people with dementia. 

Each volume gives the reader the opportunity to immerse themselves in the topic. This might be an opportunity for them to compare it to their own work, learn something new or be reassured that there is support out there for them to access. Each contributor offers contact details, social media and web links for further information. This resource talks personally to people and empowers them in how they choose to access support and information. It has much to offer people with dementia, unpaid carers and the groups and organisations who support them. 

Read more and download the box set here