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NEWS: New resource, 'Work after a diagnosis of dementia' launched

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A new resource has been launched today to provide information and support for people living with dementia who are thinking about or have given up work due to their diagnosis.

The resource has been created by Martin Robertson, who has a rare type of dementia called Posterior Cortical Atrophy. Martin crated this resource to be helpful to those with dementia, and to show them that there can be meaningful work, paid or unpaid, after a diagnosis.

The booklet provides information on reasonable adjustments, benefits, and advice for those who are thinking about or have given up work, due to a diagnosis.

Martin says, 'I hope that this pamphlet encourages people to look beyond the boundaries, and perceived shame, of receiving a dementia diagnosis. 

'Most importantly, my wish is that people can find fulfilment in a life with dementia, and be able to find some sort of activity that they can enjoy: many studies have shown that using the brain is helpful for one’s general physical health, and this does not stop being the case if one has dementia.'

'Focus on what you can do and keep striving'.

You can download 'Work After a Diagnosis of Dementia' here