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NEWS: New scheme to protect people with dementia from financial scams

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A new initiative has been launched across three local authority areas in Scotland to protect residents living with dementia from predatory financial fraudsters.

£405,000 has been awarded to East Renfrewshire, Angus and South Ayrshire, to work together to develop a preventative approach to protect people with dementia from financial exploitation.

People living with dementia are at great risk of falling prey to scammers and carers are often very worried about how to prevent their relative becoming a victim of a scam, particularly in the early stages of dementia when a person still has capacity but may not always have sufficient understanding to exercise good judgement.

The aim of this project is to offer people with dementia an individualised, person-centred package to safeguard them from financial exploitation, on the doorstep, by telephone, by mail or online.

Each local authority area will bring together local and national organisations to develop and deliver a package of preventive measures, including practical solutions and various types of useful technology, for example, call blockers.  Call blockers screen incoming phone calls and either block any unknown or unauthorised numbers or transfer them to a nominated family member or guardian. 

The scheme aims to help residents with dementia live safely and independently in their own homes without worrying about being bombarded with confusing and intimidating calls or unsolicited doorstep cold callers. 

This new initiative will also reduce the rate of financial loss and personal harm experienced as a result of scams.

If the scheme is successful, a good practice model will be developed which can be rolled out across Scotland.

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