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NEWS: Peer to Peer Resources funding for people living with dementia

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Peer to Peer Resource Funding for People Living with Dementia

This funding opportunity is for people in Scotland living with dementia. 

The Life Changes Trust believes that people with dementia have an enormous amount of knowledge and helpful information to share with each other.  This support is sometimes called ‘peer support’. 

Knowledge and information can be shared person to person, or more widely through resources such as booklets, short films or creative artwork. 

See some examples here:

‘Peer support’ resources help people understand dementia better and allow people with dementia to equip and encourage each other. They are also a valuable source of education and information for people who want to know more about dementia. 

The Life Changes Trust is offering awards of £500 to £5,000 to people living with dementia to:

  • create peer-to-peer support resources, e.g. leaflets, DVDs, videos, etc.
  • facilitate meetings with other people with dementia on a regular and planned basis 

Read more about this funding opportunity and how to apple here.