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NEWS: People living with dementia launch new resource ‘Expect the Unexpected’

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The Scottish Dementia Alumni has been awarded a grant of £3600 from the Life Changes Trust to create a resource about preparing for unexpected events when you have dementia.

The booklet will be researched and written by the Scottish Dementia Alumni, a group of people who have been living with various diagnoses of dementia for almost sixty collective years, and illustrated by Paul Thomas. It will cover all kinds of unexpected events from falls and poor weather, to carers becoming unwell and pets needing looked after.

“Expect the unexpected - your life can change in a minute, here is some advice you can trust.” Martin Robertson, member of the Dementia Alumni.

People across Scotland living with dementia will be contributing to the research with their lived experience, via questionnaires, video calls, telephone calls and by email/post.

The Alumni will also produce a video about the researching of the resource to sit alongside the booklet, which will be available when it is launched in the Autumn of 2021.

The resource will be created with a grant from the Life Changes Trust and with support from DEEP, from people living with dementia and from professionals working in Scotland. It will be available online, free to download, and there will be a short print run for people who prefer a printed copy.

Agnes Houston MBE, who is a member of the Alumni, said, ‘If we plan ahead, we can get on with living life, not worrying about the future.’

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For more information about this project, or about the Dementia Alumni, please contact:  

For more information about DEEP please


  • Scottish Dementia Alumni: @alumnidementia
  • DEEP: @dementiavoices
  • Life Changes Trust: @lifechangestrst 

Notes to editors:

The Scottish Dementia Alumni is a group of people, each with several years experience of living with a diagnosis of dementia. The group formed in order to support people with a new diagnosis of dementia with their lived experience and found, in addition, that their lived experience is valuable for campaigning and research. The Scottish Dementia Alumni is part of the DEEP Network.

DEEP is the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project. DEEP engages and empowers people living with dementia to influence attitudes, services and policies that affect their lives.