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NEWS: £100,000 funding for legal support to ensure people with dementia can access rights

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£100,000 funding has been awarded to Scottish charity MECOPP, to provide legal support to people affected by dementia to help them access their rights to self-directed support

Self-directed Support (SDS) gives people the power to decide how to spend the money or ‘budget’ that has been allocated to them if they have social care needs.  It enables them to make informed choices on what their support looks like and how it is delivered, rather than decisions being made solely by local authorities on their behalf.  

However, many people with dementia and their families find they are not able to access SDS, or are not offered all four options available within SDS, which can mean they end up with little choice over the kind of support provided, and how and when it is delivered. 

This means that they are not being afforded their basic entitlements under the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013. 

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