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NEWS: £1.4 million funding boost for carers of people with dementia in Scotland

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Almost £1.4 million funding has been awarded to a social enterprise network that brings together unpaid carers of people with dementia.  The funding will be used to support carers in Scotland to have a greater say in the day to day issues that affect them and those they care for.  

The TIDE network (Together in Dementia Every Day) was set up by a group of carers or former carers of people with dementia to highlight the lack of support available to them, and to recognise the crucial role they play in their unpaid capacity. TIDE already operates in England with specific projects across Liverpool and Manchester city regions and this funding will enable them to develop their work in Scotland. 

Across the UK, around 700,000 friends and family are caring for a person with dementia, making them the biggest workforce in dementia care – they provide around 44% of the total cost of care.  This saves the public around £11 billion per year.  69% of these carers have reported that caring has had a negative impact on their own physical and mental health.

Many carers of family or friends with dementia feel they receive insufficient support from health and social care services, leaving them feeling isolated, burnt-out and unable to look after their own well-being. It is therefore unsurprising that two thirds of carers report having suffered from depression as a result of caring. 

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