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NEWS: Table Tennis Scotland batting for dementia

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Table Tennis Scotland has been awarded a funding boost of £45,000 to become dementia friendly.

The money comes from the Life Changes Trust, who are contributing £35,000 and Sportscotland who have pledged £10,000.  Table Tennis Scotland is launching a new initiative called ‘Community Table Tennis’, which aims to give people all over Scotland the opportunity to play the sport in their local area.  The £45,000 funding will be used to ensure that Community Table Tennis projects are dementia friendly from the outset.

Table tennis offers a number of benefits for people living with dementia. Recent research has shown that it is one of the best forms of exercise for brain health.  The benefits of playing regularly include increased concentration and alertness, developing tactical thinking skills and developing hand to eye coordination. There are also massive benefits for people with dementia and their families from the social and recreational interaction that participating in a local group can offer.

Richard Yule, Chief Operating Officer, Table Tennis Scotland said “So many people played table tennis in their youth and now as they get older they find it is an activity they can still enjoy. The combination of gentle exercise and plenty of socialising is the perfect mix. It is best summed up by a 95 year old participant in one of our pilot groups, who said ‘I haven’t laughed so much in years. It’s great fun.’ This funding is a fantastic boost that will provide equipment and support for hundreds of older players in community venues all over Scotland. If you have some space and would like to include table tennis in your community activities, then please get in touch.”

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