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NEWS: Three day dementia event comes to Orkney

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A programme of events entitled ‘Community and Dementia: Creating Better Lives’ is coming to Orkney on the 7th 8th and 9th of May to find out what people living with dementia and their carers say really matters to them.

The three days will include storytelling sessions, screen memories sessions, social events including an evening of music and dance, and finishing with a full ‘Creating Better Lives’ conference. 

All three days are planned, designed and developed in partnership with local stakeholders in Orkney, highlighting the importance of taking a local approach to supporting people affected by dementia within a national policy context

The conference will provide an opportunity for local organisations and statutory sector workers to sit side by side with people who have a diagnosis of dementia and with carers to share learning, to collaborate and to discuss what local people feel would be most beneficial to them. It’s also an opportunity for key leaders to launch any new work they are doing around dementia or to seek views on their plans.

The Life Changes Trust is holding events like this all across Scotland, to give those who have direct experience of dementia a meaningful voice in how they want to receive support locally

Gillian Skuse, Managing Director of Age Scotland Orkney said, “These events are aimed at supporting people in our community and to raise awareness. We have worked in partnership with many people to make this happen with our Dementia Hub being at the centre of this. The value of these events must not be underestimated as they will give a voice to the people of Orkney at local and national level “

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