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NEWS: Trust publishes new poetry book by young people with care experience

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The Life Changes Trust has publishing a brand-new book of poems and reflections authored by young people with care experience. 

The project encouraged anyone with experience of care to write about something that mattered to them in any format – poems, songs, short stories, and more. 

Murron Dempster, Curator and Foreword author of ‘Here I Stand’ said, 
"Young people with care experience are so important in this world, and sometimes their voices are not heard. I know from my own experiences, and through the work that I do with young people, that creative writing can help you emotionally and mentally to get through life’s highs and lows. Writing is a way to escape and a lot of the time that is something that we care-experienced young folk can struggle with.

"This publication is powerful. I was really impressed with all of the creative writing that people shared. The book covers so many physical and emotional experiences that the care-experienced community can relate to, and it’s important to flag that there are words in here that people may find difficult to read. But this book also shows that there are good people out there and positive relationships matter! I hope people really engage with the words in ‘Here I Stand’ and change happens as a result.  

"To all the people who contributed, I hope that you are proud of what you have created, and that you keep on writing and making change happen." 

Download a copy of Here I Stand

The title of the publication, 'Here I Stand' is taken from a poem called 'Vision' by Aiden Axtell.  

Mhairi from the Life Changes Trust caught up with Aiden to talk about the power of creative writing for young people with care experience, and he read his poem for us.  Watch it below.