About our funding


When we decide what and how to fund, we make sure that we hear from and involve people with dementia and their carers, taking into account their thoughts, opinions and experiences.

When deciding what to fund, we will consider important information such as:

  • what people with dementia and carers tell us is important to them
  • reports and research
  • learning from others and the activities we have already funded

We will also fund projects that aim to create better understanding of the issues that affect people living with dementia, so we can develop a more in-depth account of the challenges they face and how these can be addressed.

We will fund work that will improve public, professional and political understanding of the issues faced by people with dementia and carers.

We are committed to funding things that will improve the support provided to people affected by dementia in all of these areas, and that will empower them so that they are more able to exercise choice and control over their own lives and become active citizens in their communities.

With this in mind, we believe in the importance of dementia friendly communities and will invest a significant amount of money in these so that a considerable range is developed and networked. Dementia Friendly Communities investment will support progress in many of our other investment areas.