About our funding

When we decide what and how to fund, we make sure that we hear from and involve care experienced young people themselves, taking into account their thoughts, opinions and experiences. 

We will also take advice from those working alongside care experienced young people and those with experience in other relevant areas.

Care experienced young people have identified inadequate support in areas such as housing, health, employment and education as major barriers to positive life progress. They have also identified a lack of opportunity to articulate their own needs and instigate their own solutions. 

Because of this, we are committed to funding things that will improve the support provided to care experienced young people in all of these areas, and that will empower them so they are more able to exercise choice and control over their own lives and become active citizens.

One of our priority areas for funding will be the development of the Champions Board model across Scotland, to empower young people to drive transformational and sustainable improvements in all areas of their lives.  We envisage that Champions Boards would also ensure all policy and practice is ‘care-proofed’.

By putting young people in the driving seat in this way, they will be able to draw on their lived experience to work in partnership with politicians, civil servants, planners and commissioners, heads of services and with front-line staff and practitioners.