Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the answers to the questions we are most commonly asked.

Should you have any other questions you would like to ask us, please do get in touch by sending us an email:

What type of organisations will the Trust fund?

We are able to fund any organisation which will help achieve our mission, which is to drive transformational and sustained improvements in the quality of life, well-being, empowerment and social inclusion of care experienced young people and people affected by dementia. This includes national, regional and local organisations in all sectors - including charities, social enterprises, statutory and, in some cases private. We are also open to funding individual organisations, partnerships and consortia.

What type of activity will the Trust fund? 

To achieve our mission, we will invest in an informed and strategic way, helping to build on “what works” but also considering the role of innovation.

Our funding investment strategy is informed by a “knowledge into action” cycle. Basically, this means that what we learn informs how we invest. Underpinning all of our investments is our commitment to equality and human rights and our core values.

With this in mind, we will fund a wide range of activities:

(i) Insight:

We will invest in initiatives which improve understanding of the needs, challenges and preferences of care experienced young people and people affected by dementia, and how these could be more effectively addressed to achieve better quality of life and wellbeing. These could be research or knowledge sharing initiatives, for example.

(ii) Involvement and Influencing:

Engagement and empowerment initiatives

These are initiatives that support care experienced young people and people affected by dementia to be more involved in communities, services and wider society, so that they are able to become valued, active and influential citizens – helping to improve their lives and the lives of others. 

Workforce involvement and development initiatives

These are initiatives which focus on those who work with and provide essential support to care experienced young people and people affected by dementia, so that they are more able to work together in order to influence, support and manage development, planning and delivery of improved services, and therefore improved outcomes. 

(iii) Interventions:

Direct Support to Individuals

We will consider:

  • Small grants for individuals so that they can use the money to improve their everyday life or their longer term outcomes, based on what they know will be most beneficial for them.
  • Initiatives and projects which help care experienced young people and people affected by dementia to improve their life skills, resilience and ability to self- care.
  • Improved befriending, peer support and mentoring projects.

Services and Support

  • We will consider funding improvement initiatives which will simplify and improve access to and quality of key services/support for care experienced young people and people affected by dementia. These services could include health and social care, housing, education and employment.

Community and Society

  • We are interested in initiatives which promote improved public, professional and political understanding and support for care experienced young people and people affected by dementia.
  • ​We will also consider initiatives which increase social inclusion and equality in ways which protect human rights. 

How will the Trust provide funding?

We will provide funding predominantly through grants. This funding will either be targeted in a specific way, or it will be open call.

We are also exploring options for social investment loans (see our Corporate Social Investment page). 

We will take a developmental and mixed approach to funding. In other words, we will work collaboratively with key organisations to identify funding priorities, and we may take a co-design approach to support the development of funding ideas and bids.

All of our funding applications will be assessed against stated criteria in a transparent and fair process.

What are the Trust’s funding application processes and criteria for organisations?

Application processes will be bespoke for each funding initiative, and more information will be provided as these are announced.

When will the Trust announce its funding streams?

We provide funding on a rolling basis and announcements are made either in advance of a funding stream becoming active (to allow for plenty of preparation time) or with a reasonable time frame for applicants. All information will be available through our website and e-bulletin in a timely fashion.