We want to be an organisation where learning and continuous improvement are the norm.  This means that we can work more efficiently and effectively, in turn achieving greater benefit for care experienced young people and people affected by dementia. 

To do this, we will ensure that we undertake evaluation of all of our work and our funding, making sure that there is evaluation of all the initiatives we fund. To help our fundees do this, we will provide them with an Evaluation Framework, toolkit and guidance. 

We will also publish evaluation reports on each of our funding initiatives, to share learning and to support activities to improve policy and practice.


Dementia Friendly Communities

Between 2015–2018, we will invest approximately £3 million in establishing and supporting a wide variety of Dementia Friendly Community initiatives across Scotland.

After an open call for applications for dementia friendly community initiatives, we were able to announce funding for 14 strong and diverse projects. Read more about them here.

We have now published Evaluation Guidance for our funded Dementia Friendy Communities.  You can download this here.


Other Initiatives

Each initiative we fund will be supported to evaluate the work it does.  This will include:

  • Tailored evaluation guidance for each funding initiative
  • An Evaluation Framework that sets out our overall principles and approach
  • An Evaluation Toolkit that brings together useful resources and advice for carrying out self-evaluation.

We will continue to develop the the Evaluation Toolkit and welcome suggestions and feedback.