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Our funding opportunities are only available in Scotland

Current funding opportunities           

Dementia Inclusive Choir Network invitation to tender - (i) bids to establish and resource (ii) bids for evaluation  

The Life Changes Trust and the Baring Foundation invite bids to establish and resource a Dementia Inclusive Choir Network in Scotland. We are also inviting bids for the evaluation of this Dementia Inclusive Choir Network. The tender document for the Network is also on Public Contracts Scotland.

The Life Changes Trust and the Baring Foundation have funded a number of projects that enable older people and people with dementia to participate in the arts. These projects challenge assumptions and stereotypes, address discrimination and provide an opportunity for people to thrive in later life.

Examples of projects funded:

 - Orchestras Live (Baring Foundation)

 - Luminate (Baring Foundation)

 - A Choir in Every Care Home (Baring Foundation)

 - Time to Dance – Scottish Ballet (Life Changes Trust)

 - Arora Bilingual Arts-based Dementia Friendly Community, Western Isles (Life Changes Trust)

 - Heart for Art (Life Changes Trust)

Following a period of scoping work and conversations with people living with dementia and their families, the Trust and the Baring Foundation have decided that there would be real benefit in funding a choir network in Scotland. This network would be made up of existing and new choirs that include people with dementia and their families rather than exclude them.

What are the potential benefits of an inclusive choir for people with dementia?

Based on research evidence to date, benefits could include enhanced mental well-being, decreased depression, increased participation in community singing, improved quality of life and social and emotional wellbeing, fun, friendship, feeling happier, feeling worthwhile and valued, increased confidence and a sense of belonging and being able to forget about dementia for a while as well as a sense of pride in the shared identity of the group and its achievements.

Why a network?

There are already a number of excellent choirs in Scotland that include people with dementia and their families/friends. Some operate quite happily without feeling the need to be connected to other choirs. Others would appreciate being connected to share learning, put on joint performances or just for support and camaraderie.

A network that is overseen by an organisation or group of organisations can help with sharing resources and ideas, linking up newer choirs with more experienced choirs so they can be mentored, holding a database of dementia inclusive choirs in an area providing opportunities for training and development, increasing the public profile of dementia inclusive choirs and create opportunities for the abilities of people with dementia to be recognised and celebrated.

What kind of choirs could join the network and does the choir need to be established already?

This network is for pre-existing choirs and for new choirs. The choirs can meet in any environment but we are keen that they are community choirs in the sense that they help people with dementia sing alongside people who do not have dementia. Ideally they will be multi-generational. 


We want this project to be evaluated ‘from Day 1’ so that its entire journey can be captured and early evaluation learning can inform its ongoing development. We welcome bids from evaluators who have had prior experience of evaluating arts-based projects and who can also demonstrate a good understanding of what it is like to live with dementia, what it is like to be a carer or family members of a person living with dementia and knowledge of assets-based community development approaches.

An example of an inclusive community choir: Every Voice Community Choir, Dumbarton

 - Deadline for bids to establish and resource the network:

Friday 16 November 2018 at 4pm.  Bids can be from an organisation or groups of organisations. Please read our guidance document on establishing and resourcing the choir network for full details and information on how to apply. 

Deadline for bids for the evaluation of the network: 

Also Friday 16 November 2018 at 4pm. Please read our guidance document on the evaluation of the choir network for full details and information on how to apply. 

If you have any questions you can email Andrena Coburn: 

 Peer to Peer Resources funding

The Life Changes Trust believes that people living with dementia and carers in Scotland have an enormous amount of knowledge and helpful information to share with each other.

This ‘person with dementia to person with dementia’ and ‘carer to carer’ support is sometimes called ‘peer support’.

Two examples of peer support are:  

- Sensory Challenges Booklet written by people with dementia   

- Scottish Dementia Working Group’s ‘Travelling Safely with Dementia’ DVD/online resource 

For more examples, see

These resources help people understand dementia better and allow people with dementia and carers to equip and encourage each other. They are also a valuable source of education and information for people who want to know more about dementia, e.g. hospital or care home staff, relatives or friends. Therefore, the Life Changes Trust is offering awards of £500 to £7,000 to people with dementia and carers to create peer to peer support resources, e.g. leaflets, DVDs, videos, etc. 

What kind of things can the money be used for?

You can use it to produce something that you think will help other people with dementia or other carers. It must be practical and must truly reflect the experiences and needs of people living with dementia and/or carers. It must be something that will have value and relevance for a long period of time, e.g. at least three years. 

Can I apply if I am a former carer?


Can I apply if I live outside Scotland?

No, this opportunity is only available to people with dementia and carers living in Scotland.

When is the deadline for applying?

There are three deadline dates:

 - Friday 27/07/18

 - Friday 23/11/18

 - Friday 01/02/19

For more information on the scheme and to apply, read our application form/guidance   

If you have any questions, you can email  

 Dementia Friendly Communities Development Funding


Over the past three years, the Life Changes Trust has committed more than £5 million to Dementia Friendly Communities across Scotland. These communities are all very different.  Some are geographical communities and relate to a specific location like the Orkney Islands, Kirriemuir or Stirling.  Others are communities of interest that bring people together because they are interested in similar activities, for example, sport, art or dance.  

Each community was chosen for funding because it understood that people living with dementia and carers have to be central to the development and growth of a Dementia Friendly Community.  They need to have a significant say in how it is run, to the extent that they are able.  Otherwise, it is not their community.  The people who lead these communities understand this and demonstrate it on a daily basis.  They see the person more than they see the dementia. 

Many people who are part of a Dementia Friendly Community have spoken about the benefits of meeting with others in a similar situation and sharing their experiences.  They also talk about how good it is to be able to re-engage with society and do something positive in the community with their partner or another family member, as well as with others.

The Trust is witnessing first-hand the work of some exceptional projects and individuals who are dedicated to making life better for people affected by dementia.

This round of funding

This round of funding is open call for one year development funding. Through this funding, the Trust is looking to support those who are at the very earliest stages of starting a community that is Dementia Friendly. We are looking to fund both geographical Dementia Friendly Communities and communities of interest, large and small.

For geographical communities, we are looking for community-led, grassroots initiatives that have included people living with dementia and unpaid carers in the planning (not just as a member on a steering group).

For communities of interest, we are looking for projects that act as exemplars for others and which will also integrate with the wider community.  We are unlikely to fund communities of interest that are the same as those we have funded previously unless they can demonstrate something different or unique.

Read about some of the projects to have already received dementia friendly community development funding here.


Applications will be made via our online application system, which is now open. You can access the application form here.

In the meantime, you should read CAREFULLY our guidance in order to see what will be asked and can start to prepare your application.  You can download the Guidance here.

You can also download a budget summary sheet, which will also help with planning your proposal.

The closing deadline is 5pm on Friday 14 December 2018. 

To discuss this guidance or your application, please contact Charlie Fairlie. Senior Funding Officer, on 0141 212 9602 or email

 Conference Bursaries 

The Life Changes Trust believes it is important that conferences and seminars about dementia are attended by people living with dementia and carers.  This is why the Trust has funded a number of conference places to date and has written reports on how people have benefited from being at such conferences.  

The Trust has decided to allocate a further, limited sum of money to fund conferences and other events in 2018/19.  You can apply for a bursary if you live in Scotland and are:  

 - a person living with dementia  

 - an unpaid carer of a person living with dementia  

 - a former unpaid carer of a person living with dementia, who stopped providing unpaid care in the past 24 months. 

Conferences/events taking place in the United Kingdom 

We will provide a bursary for you to attend:  

 - as a delegate  

 - as a speaker  

 - to give a poster presentation 

Conferences/events taking place in any other country 

We will provide a bursary for you to attend:  

 - as a speaker  

 - to give a poster presentation 

What can I apply for? 

You can apply for any reasonable costs associated with attending the conference or event, including:  

 - conference fees  

 - travel  

 - accommodation  

 - food and drink  

 - costs for a supporter, if you have dementia. He or she MUST be able to support you throughout the conference/event.

How long is funding available? 

Funding will be available until the end of March 2019 or until all of our funding resources have been allocated. 

For more information on the scheme and how to apply, read our application guidance and form

If you have any questions, you can email: