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100/6000 Conference

On the 14th and 15th September, Dundee played host to the very first 100/6000 Conference, the first in Scotland run by people living with dementia/cognitive impairment, for people living with dementia/cognitive impairment. It was also the first every conference where all of the speakers were people with lived experience of dementia/cognitive impairment.

In 2020, the Life Changes Trust hosted #DementiaActivismWeek, with the guidance, support and input from many people living with dementia who are activists in their own ways. This year, it was fully handed over to people living with dementia.

The Life Changes Trust part-funded the 100/6000 conference as a peer-to-peer resource grant, to support people with dementia to access the conference, and as part of Dementia Activism Week.

The 100/6000 conference was a hybrid event, which took place live in the venue, and also linked live to Zoom.

Over the two days, people shared their stories and empowered each other.

During the conference, the main subjects for discussion were

  • human rights
  • peer support 
  • the National Care Service. 

The aim of these discussions was to produce 'position papers' that could be used to influence policy, practice and thinking, produced by the experts themselves - people living with dementia.

Each topic had a 10 minute presentation, then the topics were discussed in groups.  

All sessions were recorded to ensure accuracy during the writing phase of the position papers. 

You can watch some of the action from Day 1, below

You can watch some of the action from Day 2, below

It was an absolute honour for the Trust to be invited along to this event and to be able to contribute financially, by way of a peer to peer award, to ensure people with dementia could access the conference. A huge thank you to Ron Coleman, whose vision and determination never cease to impress.