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Aberdeen FC Community Trust

Aberdeen FC Community Trust's initial funding award was for £80,000, to run from April 2015 to March 2018 and they were awarded a further £13,000 from April 2018 to March 2020.  In April 2017, the William Grant Foundation provided additional funding of £10,734.

Aberdeen FC Community Trust wanted to create an environment suitable for those living with dementia to become involved in health and wellbeing programmes, and to significantly increase the numbers of people living with dementia taking part in positive sporting activities across Aberdeen City and Shire. They also wanted to offer support and opportunities to people with dementia and their carers to participate in light intensity physical activities and create a dementia friendly sports community to promote good health, inclusion and learning.

Activities include walking football, gym activities, health walks and park-based activities in Aberdeen public spaces. The project promotes good health and inclusion, and raises awareness of dementia within the wider community, as well as providing respite opportunities for carers.

The impact of Aberdeen FC Community Trust’s activities are far reaching. There is a marked increase in the number of people living with dementia taking part in positive sporting activities, and a deeper engagement across the community, as well as with Aberdeen FC staff and players.  People with dementia are involved in choosing and running activities, giving them ownership of their own community. They can also volunteer to work with the Trust.

Read our Dementia Friendly Communities Reports and Toolkit by searching for them on our publications page.

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