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Aberlour was awarded £64,573 funding for the period of February 2018 to March 2020

All of the Trust’s funding awards aim to benefit the full diversity of young people who are currently part of or have a background in the care system. The Rights and Equalities funding initiative is designed to support projects which target young people with care experience who may face additional disadvantage due to protected characteristics, experience of youth justice, homelessness or mental ill-health.

There are currently approximately 1,700 looked after children in Scotland who have disabilities. The aim of this project is to improve awareness of the needs and aspirations of young people with care experience supported by Aberlour’s disability services throughout Scotland, as well as improve their confidence and support them to assert their rights.

Aberlour works with young people by coordinating and delivering participation and engagement sessions with them and their parents/carers. Each session involves young people by delivering a range of engagement activities appropriate to age, ability and communication needs, around identified themes. The sessions aim to identify issues and/or areas for improvement regarding the care and support young people receive, helping the “quieter voices” be heard. 

The experiences and opinions captured within the sessions will inform the position of Aberlour on the identified issues. Thereafter, Aberlour will plan and coordinate a national campaign, in partnership with other stakeholder organisation, to influence policy around those identified areas for improvement, aiming to ensure equality and to protect and promote the rights of young people with care experience who have disabilities.

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