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Aberlour was awarded £200,449 funding in November 2018 to run until October 2021

The Trust's Young People with Care Experience programme offered funding for projects that focussed on strengthening the knowledge and skills of the paid and voluntary workforce, so that they are more able to meet the needs and aspirations of care experienced young people. We call this 'Workforce Development'. The specific aims of the funding are to support the paid and voluntary workforce to put love and relationships at the heart of the care system, and to build a sense of shared purpose with young people.

Aberlour, in partnership with Includem, the Care Inspectorate and CELCIS, will collaborate with young people with care experience to produce a learning programme with a focus on developing a change in approach to the care system, to one which prioritises love. This programme will be available in Fife, Forth Valley and Aberdeen, and is called the Love InC Project.

The quality and long-term impact of a young person’s care experience can be directly influenced by the relationships they have with the adults who care for and support them. This in turn impacts on the relationships they build, develop and sustain throughout their lives. The challenge is to clearly define the key characteristics of effective relationships within the care system, and to objectively find ways to assess the quality of those relationships.

Young people will be involved in the development of the project and will help to create a learning programme in the form of a toolkit, for staff who support and care for young people in the care system. Throughout the project, these young people will influence and challenge the thinking of professionals. At the heart of the project is the contribution of care experienced people and will include the voices and experiences of all, including those who have left care.

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