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About Dementia: shaping our worlds together

The Life Changes Trust is investing £2.5 million over five years in two ground-breaking initiatives that will support people with dementia and unpaid carers to become experts, leaders and influencers in the dementia world in Scotland. Funding commenced in 2019.

A School of Leadership (‘Bold’) and a National Forum for Dementia Policy and Practice ('About Dementia: shaping our worlds together') will, for the first time, scrutinise policy, practice and provision through the lens of those with first-hand expertise, so that Scotland can become an exemplar in how people with dementia can live meaningful, fully supported and involved lives.

About Dementia will be delivered collaboratively by Age Scotland, the University of Edinburgh and Queen Margaret University.

The purpose of this project is to bring people together around specific subjects that are important and helpful to people with dementia and their unpaid carers, in order to determine what can be done to make policy and practice in Scotland more robust and sustainable. They will be seeking out evidence of good practice that can inform policy and practice locally and nationally. Where good practice is not so apparent, they will find ways of raising this as an issue to be addressed by taking action, speaking to policy makers and practitioners and being advocates for those things that will benefit people with dementia and unpaid carers. 

Those involved will come together in sub-groups around subjects such as housing, sport, the arts, human rights, financial inclusion and transport/mobility. They will seek to influence policy makers, key leaders, practitioners and others in Scotland to adjust or re-write policy so that the needs of people with dementia, their families and unpaid carers are met and their lives fundamentally transformed for the better.

About Dementia will operate from the grassroots up, and influencing at a local level will be as important as influencing at a national level.

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