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Age Scotland - National Legacy Partner

Alongside About Dementia and Bold, the third National Legacy Partner for the Trust's Dementia Programme is Age Scotland. Age Scotland will play an important role in holding the Trust's evidence base, to continue to build on the work of the Trust, and to continue some small grants funding programmes.

As a Legacy Partner, Age Scotland will focus on:

  • funding programmes that build on the learning from our 'Creating Better Lives' regional grants and Peer to Peer resources for people with dementia and unpaid carers
  • hosting our evidence and learning (for example, learning and evaluation reports, other publications, webinars etc.)
  • updating the current ‘Dementia: A Whole Life Approach’ boxset online with the development of a second edition
  • the transfer of our website

Age Scotland has grown its work in the field of dementia since 2015 and now has a firm grasp of the different issues faced by people living with dementia. Dementia is embedded as a priority area within the organisation and integrated in the charity’s decision-making process.

Age Scotland is an important partner in the Trust's strategic legacy collaborative - Age Scotland, BOLD, About Dementia and our Local Legacy Partners. They will work with people living with dementia, unpaid carers and those that support them across Scotland to see their priorities recognised and their rights upheld.