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Alexa and Me

Alexa and Me was produced as a peer-to-peer resource by Ron Coleman.  Ron, a dementia activist who lives on the Isle of Lewis, is already making his mark in the dementia world.

Alexa is becoming growingly popular among care agencies, who use Alexa as a form of care support. Ron believes in using Alexa as a personal assistant through personalising the device in accordance with his needs. This way, people who are cognitively impaired enjoy greater independence by using Alexa in a way that gives them the right kind of assistance.

He has produced this resource called 'Alexa and Me' that guides anyone with dementia who is not familiar with – or a bit wary of – Alexa through the journey of using Alexa to empower and support their lives.  It’s a practical workbook that individuals can use to help with involving technology in their day to day lives in a positive way.

Download the Alexa and Me resource here

Ron has also written a stage play ‘Alexa and Me’, which he has turned into a radio play.  The first act of the radio version (there are two acts) is called "Caught in a moment of time".  Each act is designed to be a stand-alone piece.

Act one, deals with some of the issues around the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dementia , and also deals with communication and how people perceive the capabilities of people with dementia comparing that with the non-judgmental approach of AI. Ron describes the first Act as a way of raising a number of possible discussions with the audience. These include:

1: That the capabilities of people with dementia are often overlooked
2: That AI has the potential to help us remain in our own homes for much longer if used properly.
3:  The need to put in place effective planning methods that enables the interaction between AI and the person to be helpful.
4: Communication has to be clearer and more honest than how it is at present.

The radio version of the play's production was performed by: John Stahl (Game of Thrones, Season 2&3), Jane Paton (Poirot, Tales of the Unexpected) and Karen Taylor (Caught in The Moment of Time stage version.) Directed & Produced by Laura Cameron Lewis and Co-Produced by Deepness Ltd.

You can listen to it here