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Barnardo’s 16 + Edinburgh

Barnardo’s was awarded funding of £49,455 to run from April 2018 to March 2021

All of the Trust’s funding awards aim to benefit the full diversity of young people who are currently part of or have a background in the care system. The Rights and Equalities funding initiative is designed to support projects which target young people with care experience who may face additional disadvantage due to protected characteristics, experience of youth justice, homelessness or mental ill-health.

Barnardo’s 16+ Edinburgh is a Through Care and After Care service for young people aged 16-25 years. With this project, they will provide a ‘training flat’ for up to ten young people prior to leaving care. These young people will have been identified as needing additional support and guidance in developing independent living skills due to a physical and/or learning disability. 

The support provided in the flat will enable young people to develop their confidence and capacity to manage practical skills, including access to employability skills, in a safe and supported environment. It will also enable support workers and professionals to make an informed assessment about their ongoing support needs and the next steps in relation to moving on from care.

During the course of the programme, young people will learn how to manage a tenancy, what to do when something goes wrong, how to pay bills and how to cook independently. They will also experience what it is like to stay on their own, and the impact this can have in terms of feeling socially isolated. 

As a result, the young people involved will be far more prepared for living independently and, it is hoped, ready, practically and emotionally, to make the transition from care.

Find out more about Barnardo’s Edinburgh 16+ on their website