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Barnardo's Lanarkshire

Barnardo’s was awarded funding of £61,404 to run from April 2018 to March 2020

Young people with care experience have told us that they would love more opportunities to be active and have fun, developing their interests and trying out new things in areas such as music, art, sport and crafts. The Creative and Active Lives funding initiative was created with this in mind.

The funding will support young people with care experience to increase their social networks, skills and improve their health. These projects all have young people at their heart, as the Trust works with organisations that create opportunities for young people to design and lead programmes themselves. The Trust awarded a total of £1,746,170 to fourteen Creative and Active Lives projects across Scotland.

This project ‘Creative Faces’ aims to engage young people with care experience in North Lanarkshire, giving them a voice through the medium of arts and helping them uncover new skills and potentially discover new routes to employment.

The project focuses on three creative areas: fashion, photography/film and music, delivering 3 - 6 week programmes and employing a young person with care experience as a Project Assistant, introducing them to new skillsets and increasing their employability.

The upskilling of these young people will give them the confidence and direction that they otherwise may not have discovered. Throughout the project there will be opportunities in the form of shows and exhibitions, allowing them to showcase their talents and to celebrate their achievements.

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