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Barnardo’s North Lanarkshire

Barnardo’s North Lanarkshire was awarded £172,575 funding in January 2019 to run until December 2021

The Trust's Young People with Care Experience programme offered funding for projects that focussed on strengthening the knowledge and skills of the paid and voluntary workforce, so that they are more able to meet the needs and aspirations of care experienced young people. We call this 'Workforce Development'. The specific aims of the funding are to support the paid and voluntary workforce to put love and relationships at the heart of the care system, and to build a sense of shared purpose with young people.

This project will enable North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) and Barnardo’s Scotland to work together to change the culture of service delivery in the area of housing for young people with care experience. It will address different perspectives and attitudes towards care leavers and their housing needs, underpinned by understanding and respect, leading to a change in organisational culture for both. 

This project will create better informed Housing Allocation Teams by providing first-hand experience in supporting and advising on the wider needs of young people. Seconded Housing Officers will increase their understanding of care leavers’ needs and experiences. When the officers return to their teams they will drive change and disseminate learning. The project will also involve the training of the seconded Housing Officers on the needs of young people, fostering a relationship-based approach to problem solving.  

Young people will assist with redesign of emergency accommodation. This will include the use of creative arts and online tools to design and produce home furnishings and trips to high street shops.  By working alongside young people, the Housing Officers will increase their understanding of the impact of trauma on young lives, and alter their perception of them as tenants.

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