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BOLD - National Legacy Partner

The Life Changes Trust invested £2.5 million over five years in two ground-breaking initiatives to support people living with dementia and unpaid carers to become experts, leaders and influencers in the dementia world in Scotland. Funding commenced in 2019.

Bold (Bringing Out Leaders In Dementia) will be delivered by the University of Edinburgh and Queen Margaret University.

BOLD, the School of Leadership, alongside About Dementia, the National Forum for Dementia Policy and Practice will scrutinise policy, practice and provision through the lens of those with first-hand expertise, so that Scotland can become an exemplar in how people with dementia can live meaningful, fully supported and involved lives.

The project name BOLD – Bringing Out Leaders in Dementia - recognises that, across Scotland, many people of all ages and from all walks of life, including people living with dementia, are already taking a lead, making a difference and finding their place in the ‘dementia world'. They need to learn from existing leaders in Scotland and worldwide - and existing leaders need to learn from them. They need mentoring and opportunities to grow in their skills and confidence. 

Bold is an opportunity to bring these different types of leaders together on an equal footing. It is providing free leadership development opportunities to new and emergent leaders to unlock their potential, help them develop their knowledge and skills and build stronger networks so that they can be integral to leading positive change.

BOLD do not define what leadership means – they recognise that it can take all shapes and forms. They bring together people from far and wide to encourage them to explore their skills and to recognise their own talents. They provide free leadership opportunities and workshops across Scotland to help those living with dementia flourish and make the most of their potential. One of the key elements they use in their workshops is creativity as a way of expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas. 

Together they will influence dementia policy and practice in Scotland - locally and nationally - so that the needs of people with dementia, their families and unpaid carers are met and their lives fundamentally transformed for the better. As the project grows, it will evolve and adjust to the feedback received from the parties involved. 

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