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British Deaf Association (BDA) Scotland

British Deaf Association (BDA) Scotland was awarded £149,860 in August 2017, to run until July 2020. 

BDA Scotland applied for funding to set up a dementia friendly Deaf community. The vision of the project, called Transforming the Deaf Dementia Experience, was to identify and work with Deaf people who have dementia and their carers, enabling them to share and receive information, knowledge and experiences about living with and managing dementia through British Sign Language (BSL).

The project also aims to explore the Deaf community’s knowledge and understanding of dementia, attitudes towards those with dementia, and thoughts on where they would go for support or information.  BDA Scotland has also produced a toolkit for carers and families with ideas and tips on coping strategies and communication strategies. 

The project has already had an impact on families affected by dementia in the Deaf community - Deaf people with dementia and their carers can share experiences through a common language, and being in the company of others with similar experiences where they can communicate freely can challenge isolation and is beneficial for overall health and wellbeing.  Stigma within the Deaf community is also being addressed.

Read our Dementia Friendly Communities Reports and Toolkit by searching for them on our publications page.

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