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Care and Repair Dementia Enablement Project

Care and Repair was awarded £1,129,540 for the period of February 2016 to July 2019 in order to enable people living with dementia to live safely in their own homes for as long as possible.

People living with dementia can stay independent for longer at home given the correct support for themselves and the person who cares for them.

With this funding, Care and Repair’s dementia trained, dedicated, skilled staff worked with people with dementia and their carers to enhance their daily living situations by providing improvements, adaptations or alterations to their home. They focused on prevention, with an early safety check to advise about any immediate changes, followed by the opportunity to provide additional works when needed. They promoted a joined-up approach, working closely with existing services such as Dementia Link workers, Telecare, Social Work and Health and Carers organisations.

Adaptations included things like fitting grab rails, daylight bulbs, thumb turn door locks, day/night clocks, motion sensor lights, as well as carrying out joinery, electrical and plumbing works.

People living with dementia and their carers benefited from this project in many ways. The service, which was provided to suit their needs in a timely, respectful and mutually agreed manner, helped them retain independence, safety, security and activity in the home and the community. The project also acted as a conduit to inform and develop existing and new services and equipment for people living with dementia. They could then be adopted by others and incorporated into future dementia provision for individuals, potentially influencing needs assessments in the future.

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