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Care Experienced Advisory Group

The Life Changes Trust is committed to truly listening to the voice of young people with care experience.

We’ve made sure that this is an approach that underpins all of our funded projects and to make sure we are walking the walk within the Trust, we have established our Advisory Group, whose members have all had experience of care at some point in their lives.

The group members volunteer their time to advise the Trust, and work on specific funding projects and initiatives. The role of the Advisory Group has developed extensively since we first began this journey.

We now have a core group of 11 members, with hopes to expand this in the future.

The Advisory Group meet at least once a month and as well as the more ‘formal’ meetings where all the hard work happens, we also make sure that they have space to have fun and celebrate their successes as it’s the relationships they have with each other that are key to the success of the group.

The Advisory Group has developed the following broad aims for their work:

  • overcoming barriers
  • challenging stigma
  • increasing opportunities
  • helping achieve transformational change for care experienced young people

The first Trust project the Advisory Group became involved in was Aspirational Awards. The group used a coproduction approach to develop Aspirational Awards and since its inception they continue to be involved in the delivery and ongoing development of the project.

Following on from Aspirational Awards, the group has become increasingly involved in the Trust’s work, in areas such as supporting the development of Programme initiatives, assessing funding applications for a number of initiatives, attending Programme Committee meetings in an advisory capacity as well as advising and consulting with external stakeholders.

Development of Trust Initiatives

As much as time allows the group are involved in the development of Trust funding initiatives. This takes different forms depending on the project but a good example of this work was their involvement on our Workforce Development initiative.

Members of the group have also spoken at conferences and events across the UK to share their learning and approach. They have also responded to several Scottish Government consultations.

For more information on the work of the Care Experienced Advisory Group, or if you are interested in being part of the group, please get in touch by emailing

The Advisory Group has a very active Twitter account which is administered by our Social Media guru and Advisor Simone Smith. 

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