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Conference Bursaries Scheme

The Conference Bursaries Scheme started in 2015, and is ongoing.

The Life Changes Trust believes that people living with dementia and unpaid carers should participate in conferences and seminars about dementia. It is important that they are fully included in these discussions. No policy should be decided without the full and direct participation of individuals/groups affected by it. This is why the Trust has funded a number of conference places to date and has written reports on how people have benefitted from being at such conferences.

So far, these bursaries have helped Scotland-based people with dementia and unpaid carers to attend events and conferences around the UK, as well as Slovenia, Denmark and the United States. It has given them a voice, and empowered them to be involved in policy discussions and decisions. It also means that organisers of conferences can significantly include people affected by dementia, and chosen venues are dementia friendly in order to support their attendance.

The Conference Bursary Scheme is still ongoing, and will continue until the funds have been allocated.