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Conferences by and for carers

On Saturday, 30 September 2017, the Life Changes Trust hosted a very special conference, run by carers and for carers.

The event was designed and organised by a steering group of people with long experience of caring for someone living with dementia, unpaid and who lived in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire or East Renfrewshire.

A second, equally meaningful event took place on 22 May 2018 in North Berwick which was for people caring for someone with dementia, unpaid, living in East Lothian.  It too was planned and organised by a steering group of local carers who built on, and added local perspective to, the approach first developed by the Glasgow conference carers steering group.

Both steering groups made a short film, chatting about how they became involved and what the experience was like for them - as well as giving some helpful advice to other carers who are thinking of holding their own event.

Here is the steering group from Glasgow.

And the steering group from East Lothian.

Badged as Dementia – The Carer’s Experience (Better Enabled, Better Equipped), both the Glasgow and East Lothian events were free.

The Glasgow steering group created two complementary peer-to-peer resources giving carers practical information across a wide range of topics. These were: 

  • A Dementia Checklist, a Resource  by Carers for Carers: This is a resource to help people who care for someone with dementia put in place the right systems and support, and to suggest where carers can turn to for advice. Read it here
  • Dementia – A Carers Local Directory: This lists local services, groups and activities helpful to people who care for people with dementia. Read it here

The East Lothian group adapted both and produced a new version for their carers bag, given out at their event.  

  • Read the East Lothian 'A Dementia Checklist' here
  • Read the East Lothian 'Dementia - A Carers Local Directory' here

We have also published a handy 'How To...' guide, which is a peer to peer resource for people caring for someone with dementia, unpaid.  The Guide offers carers a very practical tool for putting on their own event and producing their own publications.  It includes guiding principles, practical tips and links to sample materials to help people caring for someone with dementia, and their directories of support and services available in the local area.

Download it here

Funding and support to the carers steering group who planned and organised these events was provided by the Life Changes Trust, and tide (together in dementia everyday) provided valuable support and training to the steering group.