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In Control Scotland

In Control Scotland was awarded £75,046 for the period of April 2018 to March 2021

All of the Trust’s funding awards aim to benefit the full diversity of young people who are currently part of or have a background in the care system. The Rights and Equalities funding initiative is designed to support projects which target young people with care experience who may face additional disadvantage due to protected characteristics, experience of youth justice, homelessness or mental ill-health.

The overall aim of this project is to work with young people with care experience who also have a physical/learning disability to improve their ability to understand and exercise their rights and to improve their confidence, skills and aspirations.

A range of sessions are being delivered in hubs around the country, with the purpose of developing young people’s capacity to make positive choices and exercise control in their lives, and to develop skills, resources and thinking that would help them in gaining employment -including self-employment and entrepreneurship. In Control Scotland will develop knowledge, understanding and abilities with young people as advocates, self-advocates and peer supporters.

These sessions have an emphasis on design and delivery by young people themselves, and there will be roles for peer mentors and opportunities to develop leadership skills.

By the end of this project, In Control Scotland aim to have a network of young people with care experience with a physical/learning disability who feel confident speaking up, communicating clearly and able to speak to a wide range of people.

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