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Dementia and GP services - a peer to peer resource

This booklet was researched and written by the Scottish Dementia Alumni. The Alumni is a group of people living in Scotland with collective lived experience of a diagnosis of a dementia of almost sixty years. The group was created to inspire and support people with a new diagnosis of dementia but also campaigns for human rights of people living with dementia.

From the alumni's experience, there is a need for clear communication around GP Practice services because services in different areas and different GP practices vary. They wanted to provide clear information to support people with dementia to confidently access GP services that they have a right to. They wanted to highlight the kinds of issues people living with dementia in Scotland are having so that GP Practice teams can help others.

This booklet is to present clear information from the Alumni's extensive research about what a GP service in Scotland should provide you with, as a person living with a dementia. They aim to offer clear reasons for the way GP services are changing in general, as well as through the Covid-19 pandemic, so that potentially frustrating changes can be clearly understood.

You can download the booklet here

'We hope that this booklet will help GP practices to better support people living with dementia by taking this information and providing clear communication to people living with dementia and care partners about available services, options for preferences in communication and how to access services.' The Dementia Alumni

The Scottish Dementia Alumni are: Agnes Houston MBE, Dr James McKillop MBE, Nancy McAdam BEM, Martin Robertson BA Hons., BSC (Open)