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Dementia and Preparing for the Unexpected

This peer-to-peer resource was researched and written by the Scottish Dementia Alumni, a group of people who have lived with diagnoses of different dementias for several years.

The group was created to inspire and support people with a new diagnosis of dementia, and its members are experienced campaigners who actively fight for the rights of people living with dementia.

Each member has contributed to and/or written publications, made videos and has been cited in many publications.

From the alumni’s experiences and research, when it comes to coping with unexpected events, there is a need for clear communication around preparedness, sharing of knowledge, and that services in different areas vary. 

‘Dementia & Preparing for the Unexpected’ provides clear and well researched information to support people with dementia to confidently cope when things unexpectedly change, and to build and maintain resilience. The group set out to research and discover which urgent support a local authority or healthcare service should be providing and where people will be able to access this so that they can be prepared.

They hope that this booklet will help GP practices, NHS Trusts, Emergency Services and Social Work teams to better support people living with dementia, as well as build people’s resilience to cope better with unexpected events.


‘If we plan ahead, we can get on with living life, not worrying about the future.’ 

"I think we are looking at two things, here. Resilience and Preparedness. You need both. You need to be strong and resilient to cope with unexpected things. You need people around you. And you need a plan, that you can follow, when something goes awry.

The Scottish Dementia Alumni are: Agnes Houston MBE, Dr James McKillop MBE, Nancy McAdam BEM, Martin Robertson BA Hons., BSC