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Dementia and Self-Management

This resource was written and researched by the Scottish Dementia Alumni, a group of people who have each been living with different diagnoses of dementia for over ten years.

They are experienced campaigners who have actively fought for the rights of people living with dementia for over a decade. The Alumni Group are people who have had to learn how to manage their own lives during the unspecified timescale of the dementia journey.

The Alumni Group received grants from the Life Changes Trust and the DEEP Network which enabled them to produce this booklet and the accompanying video.

Members of the group had often heard professionals, service providers and policy makers using the term ‘self-management’ when talking about the lives of people living with dementia, but they did not know what was meant by the term. After first receiving a diagnosis, many of the group had been left largely alone for a number of years, in effect to self-manage their lives and conditions. But they were unable to get a clear definition or guidance from official or medical sources of what ‘self-management’ was, so they were keen to find out what the term means to people living with forms of dementia in different circumstances and how the idea affects their everyday lives.

The contributions to this booklet came directly from people with a diagnosis of different types of dementia.

Download the booklet here

Watch the short film about what it was like to be involved in this project