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Dementia Friendly Allotment

The Dementia Friendly Allotment in West Dunbartonshire was awarded £53,000 for the period of April 2015 to 31 March 2018. 

The aim of the project, which was run by Alzheimer Scotland, was to develop the activities of the West Dunbartonshire Café and Allotment group, and to create a safe, dementia friendly outdoor space that was open to the whole community.  In order to do this, they set about adapting and upgrading the physical space and facilities in the allotment (for example raised beds), supporting people with dementia and carers to take part in the allotment, offering respite for carers and raising awareness across the wider community.

The dementia friendly allotment was – and still is - run by people with dementia and carers.

As a result of the allotment group’s ongoing networking, there also grew the DAWDLE group (Dementia Awareness West Dunbartonshire Learning and Engagement Group), and a music group called the ‘Every Voice Community Choir’, conducted by Bryan Marshall.  This growth meant that people with dementia were being supported to do what was most meaningful to them. Each of these projects has also embraced self-management and self-sustainability. 

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